Rotary Printing Inks

Highest quality 100% Organic water-based Rotary Screen Inks for maximum performance and vibrant colours. With superfine, highest quality pigments these inks offer unsurpassed light-fastness and good general fastness properties. We offer a full range of accompanying additives to enhance performance and create dramatically different effects, increasing the value of your prints.

Complimentary Pantone Ink Mixing Software

Uras Colour Matcher is a fast, simple and easy to use ink mixing tool, designed to acquire the best match to the Pantone Colour Matching System; available for free with our Rotary Screen Printing ink.

Our Pantone colour matching system uses a small palette of base colours and fully supports over 40,000+ Pantone Colours. Unlike many inks, all colours work when individually printed.

Vibrant Fluorescent Colours

With eight fluorescent colours to choose from, we can guarantee vivid colour. Highest quality materials achieve perfect print consistency during production and bold bright colour.

Made Using Nano-Technology

With polymer material produced using Nano technology, combined with the introduction of silicone at nanoparticle sized ink content level, these exceptionally high-quality inks outperform conventionally made products across all printing processes.

The elasticity, softness, colour resistance and purity of our products increase the comfort of everyday clothes and all kinds of fabrics.

All ink ranges are offered with free trial on request

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Rotary Screen Printing Textile Inks

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