Reactive Inks

A range of 100% Organic Water-based Reactive Inks for direct printing on cotton & viscose fibres. Manufactured from highly purified dyestuff, the ink offers long printhead life, brilliant colours, high wash & fade resistance. The consistent quality of our reactive ink originates from high purity dyes, stable chemistry & perfect reactivity. With many years of water-based digital ink manufacturing experience, our inks are used across all makes of equipment and imaging heads.

*Appropriate pre-coating and padding is important for proper fixation of reactive ink to fibre.

Unique Service for Digital Textile Ink Clients

Our Digital Reactive Ink Trial Service includes the creation of custom ICC Profiles for your own specific printing machine and materials to achieve the ultimate colour accuracy. This results in lower ink consumption and optimum quality printed products.

If you are truly interested, we will send an expert to prepare your device for testing and set it up to achieve the optimum results.

Made Using Nano-Technology

With polymer material produced using Nano technology, combined with the introduction of silicone at nanoparticle sized ink content level, these exceptionally high-quality inks outperform conventionally made products across all printing processes.

The elasticity, softness, colour resistance and purity of our products increase the comfort of everyday clothes and all kinds of fabrics.

All ink ranges are offered with free trial on request.

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Digital Reactive Textile Inks

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