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temperature body patch

A quick, easy, cost effective way to test the temperature of individuals entering your establishment, and to protect yourselves and potentially others from Covid-19

Medical patch for checking body temperature through colour display without a digital thermometer

Easy to Use

The Temperature patch is an extremely easy and quick visual way to test a person’s temperature. It’s ideal for doing quick checks, when entering a place of work or school for example. The Patches are FDA approved, for peace of mind.

Self Checking

Studies show that temperatures vary throughout the day, so someone presenting with normal temperatures when entering a building, could well develop a higher temperature later.

The real time temperature status will allow individuals to make the decision to self-isolate a lot quicker than traditional temperature check methods, which are routinely only tested once a day.

Cost Effective

The Puri Tech  patches are comparatively low in cost compared to traditional temperature checking methods.

The typical life span of the patch is 3-5 days, with some cases lasting up to 7 days. This works out to be much more cost effective than purchasing individual thermometers or digital temperature scanners.