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Time for you to discover the profit in print

Focused on improving your print and increasing your profitability, we make sure you have everything you need to create the ultimate print job. Closely working with every aspect of the design chain from designers themselves to printers and print finishers our ultimate aim is to create print that is more vibrant, durable and memorable.

Everything we do is produced in-house in the UK, to your exacting requirements. This enables you to support a wide variety of industries from flexible packaging designers and manufacturers, printers, international supermarkets, greeting card makers right the way through to food manufacturers.

Our laminating products and encapsulating films have been seen on book covers, invitations, wall graphics, menus, brochures and magazines. Touched by millions, all have added that ultimate premium touch!

So, increase your profitability and connect with your customers with the leading film-finishing supplier and expert!