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Everyone knows what a fire extinguisher is… most know there are different types depending on the nature of the fire (electrical, fat, domestic…), but do most people know which is the right one to use?

That is where Firexo steps in. This is the only multi-purpose fire extinguisher in the world. With 30k domestic fires a year, 300+ vehicle fires a day and with 80% of businesses failing to open after a fire it is a time to say ‘hello’ to a new way of tackling fires.

This globally game changing fire liquid extinguishes fires, but also just as importantly it:

  • Has little or no chance of re-ignition
  • Cools the fire to hand touch within seconds
  • Is water-based and is therefore non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Terminates the fire in a fraction of the time and so less liquid is used and less damage caused

Firexo has been independently tested against all classes of fires and is accredited with the leading ISO and fire industry certifications. It is equally perfect for fire fighting professionals dealing with large scale fires and everyday people who are confronted with a fire in their home or workplace.

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