Looking for more environmentally friendly options when it comes to textile printing can be overwhelming sometimes, especially when you have the pressure of customers wanting more eco-friendly textile screen printing solutions. 


You might have found the right solution for the material you want to print on, but have you found a good solution for the inks you will use? 


If we are talking about screen printing, you might be used to using the same plastisol inks for years. They are more accessible, typically cheaper and easy to use, with solid results each time – but are they good for the environment? 


Plastisol inks are PVC (polyvinyl chloride) based which means they are made of plastics – to apply those inks, you will have to use chemical-based additives and other chemicals to clean after them. That already shows you it isn’t ideal if you are trying to be more environmentally conscious.  


But do not worry – you now have a couple of solutions for more eco-friendly textile screen printing.  


Water-based textile inks are the first option as they are 100% eco-friendly and organic, produced from food. Water-based inks are obviously made with water which makes them more environmentally focused because no harsh chemicals are used in its production. These have some other benefits besides being less harmful for the environment – in contrast to the plastisol inks that are applied on to the top of the fabric, the water-based inks are applied to the material itself. Therefore, when you wash the garments where water-based inks were applied, no plastics go into the water and the actual dyed fabric lasts longer in its original state.  


There are some disadvantages to water-based inks such as, they don’t work very well on darker coloured fabrics and don’t give the same results you expect compared to the plastisol inks and can be difficult to find the right products without some trial and error. 


This is one of the reasons our PVC and Phthalate Free (PPF) range of screen-printing inks is a good compromise when looking for an environmentally friendly solution that gives similar results to the most common phthalate free plastisols. The PPF range is made with organic products so you don’t have to worry about the plastics associated with PVC. (More on PPF textile inks will be coming soon to our website and blog).


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