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As everyone turns for more environmentally friendly solutions and products, it might be hard to find an alternative to the inks you already love using – but do you know that there are eco-friendly textile inks available?


This is where our 100% organic water-based textile inks come into play. We take in consideration all major textile printing processes and supply for 5 of those techniques:

-Screen Printing

-Rotary Screen Printing

-Digital Sublimation

-Digital Reactive

-Digital Pigment


What’s more – all inks are Nature Friendly manufactured with zero contamination to the environment and with great effort put into recycling. The range has been certified with the OEKO-TEX Eco-passport and has been proved to have been manufactured sustainably following ZDHC Level 3, plus, it is non-toxic to humans.


This is just part of what makes these inks perfect for a better future. Sustainable textile printing doesn’t need to be impossible – you just need to find the best solutions for you and what you stand for. Start your journey today with our eco-friendly textile printing inks and tomorrow you can begin to make a difference.


You can request free samples by emailing Mark at or by calling us at 01844 208308.


We are currently working on making our textile inks available through our online shop and we will share updates on this via our social media and newsletter.