What is acetate lamination film?

Our acetate film is not made from plastics but instead is made using wood pulp which is a natural & renewable source that is classed as paper & board by UK Packaging waste regulations.

ASTM D6400, EN 13432 & Vincotte OK Compost Home certified. 

Acetate is biodegradable, accredited with being both home compostable & industrially compostable. It is food contact safe and considered a 100% Vegan product. 

It has inherently high surface energy which enables easy printing, varnishing, foil blocking, adhesive coating & glueing. The Gloss finish has extremely high gloss level, harder wearing surface so it’s also less prone to scratching. 

What can we offer?

The Cellulose Acetate film is available in both Wet and Thermal which differ slightly in a couple of ways.

Our wet acetate version comes in Gloss, Matt & Silk grades. The Gloss finish comes in 2 grades, standard & high slip versions, in both 14 & 20 microns. The Matt & Silk available in 20 microns only. 

The thermal version is only available in Gloss & Matt & both are 40 microns. 


Something to keep in mind:

The thermal adhesive used on the acetate film is the same as the EVA adhesive used on our other films & EVA is not biodegradable or home compostable.  We are constantly looking for better alternatives to our less eco-friendly products so this could change in the near future. 


You can find more information on sizes and product data sheets on our Eco-friendly films page.